ODT to TeX converter

V0.0.13 - 2016-07-27 Simon Wilper

Plain C program that takes a ODT file and an output directory to write the tex file to.

This program is in early development stage. For changes see CHANGES.MD

Dependencies are:

The build system used is plain make as it is still available on most platforms and I don’t want to talk people into installing a fancy one just to get turned this couple of source files turned into a binary.

To get the binary odt2tex in the same directory as the Makefile type


then copy the binary odt2tex somewhere that is also in your PATH.


As a minimum you can run odt2tex with an input odt file an an out parameter pointing to a directory:

odt2tex in=testdoc.odt out=/home/jerry/documents/out

Other optional paremeters to tweak the output are: