What if I told you you can convert ODT to TeX files without having Libre/OpenOffice installed?
– Simon Wilper 11/2015


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Windows Binary Build

People that do not want to go through the hazzle of installing a complete compiler toolchain under Windows can also download a prebuilt binary with all dependencies:

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odt2tex is a simple command line tool that converts ODT (Libre/OpenOffice text documents) to LaTeX .tex input files. It is released under the MIT license and written in plain C depending only on two further libraries:

library for opening and reading ZIP archives since Libre/OpenOffice files are ZIP compressed archives
lightweight event based XML parser

The project is in early development stage. The following features are supported yet:

Planned features:

If you have any requests feel free to send me an E-Mail.

Example of a very simple document conversion (click image for lager version):

Office Source Document Converted Document
A very simple test proof-of-concept document:
Office Source Document Converted PDFLaTeX Document
Math equations are written to a IEEEeqnarray:
Office Source Document Converted PDFLaTeX Document


odt2tex opens the ZIP file to access the contents.xml feeding that to the expat XML parser. All embedded objects like math or pictures are extracted first. The output is a main.tex file that can be processed by pdflatex to obtain a PDF file.


Development takes place right here on chronowerks. If you are interested in contributing drop me a mail.


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